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    Metalsmith · Visual Artist · Wardrobe Designer

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    Wardrobe Stylist & Specialty Jeweler

    June 2018

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    Bling for The.Royal.Mix Photoshoot

    January 2017

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    Ashley Pride

    Visionary Artist · Maker · Motivator

    I hunt for and utilize various elements to create art. My purpose is to change perceptions and solve problems by turning concepts into creations that are both thoughtful and functional.


    Fast Facts

    • I love teaching/learning new things, using scholarly research to win debates (or work), & fruit roll ups.
    • I am a Volunteer TA for TechGirlz and annual Comic Convention Attendee & Volunteer.
    • Being Lead Design Consultant for Peace Love Beads Parties allows me turn the craziness of party planning into crafting - stress-free fun.
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